Pearl Jam Announce Vote-by-Mail Initiative, Reissue MTV Unplugged Live Album

Eddie Vedder recently joined Instagram to teach people how to vote by mail, but he isn’t stopping his political efforts there. This week, Pearl Jam have launched a vote-by-mail initiative called “Take-Three Pledge: Vote by Mail, Recruit Three Friends, and Don’t Wait” to encourage fans nationwide to take part in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

The three-step pledge is quick and easy to do. After registering to vote (or indicating that they already are), fans are shown city- and state-specific information regarding their upcoming elections. From there, they’re encouraged to forward the pledge to three other people. Head to or text “PJVotes” to 52886 to join in the effort.

For this initiative, Pearl Jam have partnered with People For the American Way, The League of Conservation Voters, and Make the Road Pennsylvania to promote voting by mail as a safe, accessible, and verified option to make your voice heard in this crucial election. “Voting freely and easily is our ultimate right as citizens of these United States,” said bassist Jeff Ament in a statement. “It’s a hard-fought gift from our foremothers and forefathers. Join us in our Take Three Pledge.”

“We believe America is at its best when every voice is heard,” added Eddie Vedder. “This is the most important election in our nation’s history. Our democracy is at risk. Your vote is your voice, and it’s time to use it. Join us by voting by mail — something our band has been doing for almost three decades, since we began touring in 1992. It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s secure.”

There’s another big announcement that arrived today, too. After completing the Take-Three Pledge, fans can pre-order Pearl Jam’s 1992 MTV Unplugged Session. It’s being reissued on vinyl — it was first pressed in 2019 as a limited release for Record Store Day — in addition to being released on CD for the first time ever. The seven-song setlist saw Pearl Jam pulling cuts from their excellent debut album, Ten, barely three days after they completed their first North American tour. Those stripped-down renditions have since become legendary in their own right, and it’s pretty wild to think it hasn’t been floating around on a CD before now!

Earlier this year, Pearl Jam returned with their massive new record Gigaton. The coronavirus pandemic initially halted their plans to tour in support of it, but thankfully they’ve since rescheduled those dates for Summer 2021. Needless to say, it should be quite an emotionally worthwhile time seeing them live after spending months quarantined indoors. You can grab tickets to those upcoming Pearl Jam concerts here.

Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged

Joni Mitchell Announces Archival Series, Shares Early 1963 Recording of “House of the Rising Sun”: Stream

Legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is cracking open her vault for the very first time to present fans with a comprehensive archival series. Simply titled Joni Mitchell Archives, the campaign will highlight unreleased material from throughout her career, showcasing the artist’s evolution and lasting impact over the decades.

The series massive archival project begins with Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963-1967). Set to hit streets on October 30th, the five-CD collection includes Mitchell’s earliest-known recording, a 1963 in-studio radio performance for CFQC AM in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

There are also early versions of songs like “Michael From Mountains” and “I Had a King”, a 1965 mini set for Let’s Sing Out on CBC TV, and her rare Neil Young cover of “Sugar Mountain”, as well as 1967 New York City home demos of “Free Darling”, “Mr. Junk”, “Chelsea Morning”, and more.

Vol 1. closes with an impressive multi-set nightclub performance recorded at the Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1967. This grouping features over 20 live recordings, including “Go Tell the Drummer Man”, “I Don’t Know Where I Stand”, “Night in the City”, and “Both Sides for Now”.

In a statement about these recently unearthed recordings and her early label as a “folk singer”, the 76-year-old Mitchell said,

“The early stuff, I shouldn’t be such a snob against it. A lot of these songs, I just lost them. They fell away. They only exist in these recordings. For so long I rebelled against the term, ‘I was never a folk-singer.’ I would get pissed off if they put that label on me. I didn’t think it was a good description of what I was. And then I listened and…it was beautiful. It made me forgive my beginnings. And I had this realization…I was a folk singer!”

In addition to a treasure trove of music, the Vol. 1 bundle comes with a 40-page booklet boasting a number of previously unseen photos. Writer and filmmaker Cameron Crowe also provided extensive liner notes.

Both the CFQC AM and Canterbury House performances will also be individually released on 180-gram vinyl, limited to just 10,000 copies.

As a preview, Mitchell is sharing a very early recording of “House of the Rising Sun”, made when she was just 19 years old. Stream it below, and then head here to pre-order Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963-1967). 

joni mitchell early years vol 1 box set Joni Mitchell Announces Archival Series, Shares Early 1963 Recording of House of the Rising Sun: Stream

Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963-1967) Tracklist:

Disco One

Radio Station CFQC AM, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (ca. 1963)

01. House Of The Rising Sun
02. John Hardy
03. Dark As A Dungeon
04. Tell Old Bill
05. Nancy Whiskey
06. Anathea
07. Copper Kettle
08. Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)
09. Molly Malone

Live at the Half Beat: Yorkville, Toronto, Canada (October 21, 1964)

First Set

10. Introduction
11. Nancy Whiskey
12. Intro to The Crow On The Cradle
13. The Crow On The Cradle
14. Pastures Of Plenty
15. Every Night When The Sun Goes In
16. Intro to Sail Away
17. Sail Away

Second Set

18. John Hardy
19. Dark As A Dungeon
20. Intro to Maids When You’re Young Never Wed An Old Man
21. Maids When You’re Young Never Wed An Old Man
22. The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
23. Deportee (Plane Crash At Los Gatos)
24. Joni’s Parents’ House: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (February 1965)
25. The Long Black Rifle
26. Ten Thousand Miles
27. Seven Daffodils

Disc Two

Myrtle Anderson Birthday Tape: Detroit, MI (1965)

01. Urge For Going
02. Born To Take The Highway
03. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

Jac Holzman Demo: Detroit, MI (August 24, 1965)

04. What Will You Give Me
05. Let It Be Me
06. The Student Song
07. Day After Day
08. Like The Lonely Swallow

Let’s Sing Out, CBC TV: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada (October 4, 1965)

09. Favorite Colour
10. Me And My Uncle

Home Demo: Detroit, MI (ca. 1966)

11. Sad Winds Blowin’

Let’s Sing Out, CBC TV: Laurentian University, London, ON, Canada (October 24, 1966)

12. Just Like Me
13. Night In The City

Live at the 2nd Fret: Philadelphia, PA (November 1966)

14. Brandy Eyes
15. Intro to Urge For Going
16. Urge For Going
17. Intro to What’s The Story Mr. Blue
18. What’s The Story Mr. Blue
19. Eastern Rain
20. Intro to The Circle Game
21. The Circle Game
22. Intro to Night In The City
23. Night In The City

Disc Three

Folklore, WHAT FM: Philadelphia, PA, (March 12, 1967)

01. Intro to Both Sides Now
02. Both Sides Now
03. Intro to The Circle Game
04. The Circle Game

Live at the 2nd Fret: Philadelphia, PA (March 17, 1967)

Second Set

05. Morning Morgantown
06. Born To Take The Highway
07. Intro to Song To A Seagull
08. Song To A Seagull

Third Set

09. Winter Lady
10. Intro to Both Sides Now
11. Both Sides Now

Folklore, WHAT FM: Philadelphia, PA (March 19, 1967)

12. Intro to Eastern Rain
13. Eastern Rain
14. Intro to Blue On Blue
15. Blue On Blue

A Record Of My Changes – Michael’s Birthday Tape: North Carolina (May 1967)

16. Gemini Twin
17. Strawflower Me
18. A Melody In Your Name
19. Tin Angel
20. I Don’t Know Where I Stand
21. Joni improvising

Folklore, WHAT FM: Philadelphia, PA (May 28, 1967)

22. Intro to Sugar Mountain
23. Sugar Mountain

Disc Four

Home Demo: New York City, NY (ca. June 1967)

01. I Had A King
02. Free Darling
03. Conversation
04. Morning Morgantown
05. Dr. Junk
06. Gift Of The Magi
07. Chelsea Morning
08. Michael From Mountains
09. Cara’s Castle
10 . Jeremy (Incomplete)

Live at Canterbury House: Ann Arbor, MI (October 27, 1967)

First Set

11. Conversation
12. Intro to Come To The Sunshine
13. Come To The Sunshine
14. Intro to Chelsea Morning
15. Chelsea Morning
16. Intro to Gift Of The Magi
17. Gift Of The Magi
18. Play Little David
19. Intro to The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
20. The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
21. I Had A King
22. Intro to Free Darling
23. Free Darling
24. Intro to Cactus Tree
25. Cactus Tree

Disc Five

Live at Canterbury House: Ann Arbor, MI (October 27, 1967)

Second Set

01. Little Green
02. Intro to Marcie
03. Marcie
04. Intro to Ballerina Valerie
05. Ballerina Valerie
06. The Circle Game
07. Intro to Michael From Mountains
08. Michael From Mountains
09. Go Tell The Drummer Man
10. Intro to I Don’t Know Where I Stand
11. I Don’t Know Where I Stand

Third Set

12. A Melody In Your Name
13. Intro to Carnival In Kenora
14. Carnival In Kenora
15. Songs To Aging Children Come
16. Intro to Dr. Junk
17. Dr. Junk
18. Morning Morgantown
19. Intro to Night In The City
20. Night In The City
21. Both Sides Now
22. Urge For Going


Side One

01. House Of The Rising Sun
02. John Hardy
03. Dark As A Dungeon
04. Tell Old Bill
05. Nancy Whiskey

Side Two

01. Anathea
02. Copper Kettle
03. Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)
04. Molly Malone


Side One: First Set

01. Conversation
02. Intro to Come To The Sunshine
03. Come To The Sunshine
04. Intro to Chelsea Morning
05. Chelsea Morning
06. Intro to Gift Of The Magi
07. Gift Of The Magi

Side Two

01. Play Little David
02. Intro to The Dowy Dens Of Yarrow
03. The Dowy Dens Of Yarrow
04. I Had A King
05. Intro to Free Darling
06. Free Darling
07. Intro to Cactus Tree
08. Cactus Tree

Side Three: Second Set

01.Little Green
02. Intro to Marcie
04. Intro to Ballerina Valerie
05. Ballerina Valerie
06. The Circle Game

Side Four

01. Intro to Michael From Mountains
02. Michael From Mountains
03. Go Tell The Drummer Man
04. Intro to I Don’t Know Where I Stand
05. I Don’t Know Where I Stand

Side Five: Third Set

01. A Melody In Your Name
02. Intro to Carnival In Kenora
03. Carnival In Kenora
04. Songs To Aging Children Come
05. Intro to Dr. Junk
06. Dr. Junk

Side Six

01.Morning Morgantown
02. Intro to Night In The City
03. Night In The City
04. Both Sides Now
05. Urge For Going

The Flaming Lips Unveil New Album American Head: Stream

The Flaming Lips have released their new album American Head. Stream it below via Apple Music and Spotify.

The effort is the 21st (!) record from the Oklahoma psych-rock heroes, following their 2019 album King’s Mouth and their collaborative album with Deap Valley from earlier this year. As its title implies, American Head is the Lips’ embracing their identity as an American band. When they announced the album back in June, frontman Wayne Coyne published a short essay about how they always considered their homebase to be “Earth”, but that they wanted to see what would happen when they consciously channeled so-called traditional American rock ‘n’ roll.

All of the album’s many singles — “Dinosaurs On The Mountain”, “My Religion Is You”, “You n Me Sellin’ Weed”, “Mother Please Don’t Be Sad”, and “Will You Return / When You Come Down” — do feel a little more tethered to American roots music than some of their more recent material. But the record as a whole is unmistakably Flaming Lips, even the Kacey Musgraves collaborations “Flowers Of Neptune 6” and “God and the Policeman”.

In a recent feature for SPINCoyne talked about his wacky idea for how he imagined the record would sound:

“I did sort of fantasize about ‘What would have happened to Tom Petty and the fellas if they’d ran into my older brothers and their really drugged-out friends, and they all got strung out on heroin and didn’t end up becoming Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and instead made some really homesick music? The more I thought about that, I thought, ‘Man, that’d be a great record.’”

Elsewhere in the interview, Coyne revealed that the Lips and some “venue guys” in Oklahoma are brainstorming ways to bring their live show to life despite the ongoing pandemic. The group is known for Coyne performing in a giant clear bubble, and back in June, the Lips played The Late Show With Stephen Colbert while everyone — audience included — was safely inside their own see-through orbs. They could be onto something there.

American Head Artwork:

The Flaming Lips - American Head

American Head Tracklist:
01. Will You Return / When You Come Down
02. Watching the Lightbugs Glow
03. Flowers Of Neptune 6
04. Dinosaurs On The Mountain
05. At The Movies On Quaaludes
06. Mother I’ve Taken LSD
07. Brother Eye
08. You n Me Sellin’ Weed
09. Mother Please Don’t Be Sad
10. When We Die When We’re High
11. Assassins of Youth
12. God and the Policeman (Feat. Kacey Musgraves)
13. My Religion Is You

The Walking Dead to End

After more than a decade, The Walking Dead is finally ready to rest. As Deadline notes, the long-running horror series will come to an end in 2022 after an expanded 11th season. But just as one zombie falls only to be replaced by another, so does a new spin-off of The Walking Dead stumble on in the show’s place. The new untitled series will star Norman Reedus’ Daryl and Melissa McBride’s Carol, and is expected to debut in 2023. An anthology series, Tales of the Walking Dead, is also in the works.

Created in 2010 by Frank Darabont and based on the graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead revolutionized blockbuster television a year before the debut of Game of Thrones. In its first few years, TWD emerged as a ratings juggernaut and nabbed a couple of Emmys for Outstanding Makeup. But recent seasons have seen declining ratings and departing stars, and then the comic series came to an end last year. The decision to move on from the flagship program hardly comes as a surprise.

The coronavirus pandemic had already interrupted production on Season 10, pushing the season finale back to October 4th. Still, the wait will be worth it for devoted Deadheads, as Season 10 will be expanded with six additional bonus episodes. As if that weren’t enough, Season 11 comes packed with 24 episodes of undead entertainment. For those not counting along at home, that means that there are 31 more episodes of The Walking Dead set to air between now and the series’ end in 2022.

Meanwhile, the new, untitled spin-off starring Daryl and Carol was created by current TWD showrunner Angela Kang and chief Dead content officer Scott M. Gimple. In a statement, Melissa McBride explained what the role of Carol has meant to her so far, and what excites her about the new direction. She said,

“Of course, I’ve always enjoyed working so closely with Norman throughout these many seasons. In playing Carol, and as a viewer of the show, I’ve also long been intrigued with ‘Daryl and Carol,’ and by what so early on between them, even then, felt somehow bound. Their shared history is long, and each’s own personal fight to survive, even longer — the more obvious aspect of what has kept them close and loyal. But there is also a rather mysterious aspect to their fondness for one another that I enjoy, and their playfulness when the world permits. I’m very curious! Angela has a way of shaking things up in great and unexpected ways. She’s like a kid playing with the dimmer switch! I’m very excited!”

Finally, Gimple is developing the new anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead. These standalone episodes will bring in new characters as well as diving into the stories of old favorites. The timeline is not expected to be linear, and it’s possible that some of the many dead characters from TWD will find another life in these Tales.

The new shows join a crowded horde of spin-offs including Fear the Walking Dead, which is soon to enter its sixth season, the Y.A.-leaning The Walking Dead: The World Beyondset to debut next month, and a movie series starring original TWD star Andrew Lincoln.

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